Artist’s Statement by Rod Burn 

Drawing and painting has been my obsession from an early age. After leaving school in the sixties I wanted to go to Art College but I was persuaded to join the family business and studied engineering instead. 

However my interest in art did not diminish, I continued to develop these skills in my spare time, by drawing and painting. Forty years on, I finally followed my heart and studied a fine art degree at the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham. There I discovered how to express myself through glass fusion, sculptures and painting.        

I am continuously influenced by nature’s forms and colours. These recur in plants, trees and other organic materials, as well as erosion by wind, water. Through art I interpret cycles, rhythms, vibrations and the diverse mixtures of patterns that are constantly seen throughout our universe. 

I enjoy open air and have many favourite walks. They not only take me to the countryside where I return with all kinds of interesting objects such as  stones and wood but also to the forest where I gather tree roots which can be seen at my home, Tilford Cottage Garden. Many projects are in continual progress which is my preferred method of working. 
Although not my first choice of career, an engineering background is helpful in selecting components and tools to produce my work. Tilford Cottage Garden is an artist’s garden shaped by an engineer’s hand where most of my work is displayed.

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